Market Research Report Automation: Wolvereye Case Study [Video Case Study]

How Indico Labs Automated Reporting to Save Wolvereye Time and Money!

October 6, 2023
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In this video case study, Ryan Baum, the CEO of Wolvereye, shares how they were able to reduce their report production time by 80%, leveraging Market Research Report Automation from Indico Labs.

Ryan discusses how this service not only saved Wolvereye money but also allowed them to focus on tasks that have a more meaningful impact on their business and customers.

It just saves us a lot of time, money and it's more accurate because there isn't as much human error.


Adam: I'm joined by Ryan Baum,  CEO of Wolvereye. Ryan, thanks for joining me today. Why don't we start with a little introduction about Wolvereye, and what it is you do?

Ryan: Sure, thanks so much for having me today. So, we specialize in, of course, it's marketing research, but we have a very specialized practice, which is psychological science research.

Many of the things that we're doing is understanding how people think, feel and behave. I would say that a large percentage of the work that we do is with very large organizations, and then a smaller percentage are with psychologists or within the field of psychology. We have a number of different psychological science-based approaches that we leverage here.

We have many clients, but just off the top of my head, we work with companies like Diageo, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, CNN and many more. And I guess the best way to think about it, or at least the way that we think about it is, there's really two sides to research. There's the behavioural side, and what we mean by it may be a little bit different than what we're used to hearing in the Insights world. And then the flip side to that coin is what is driving people psychologically, and that's our focus.

All we have to do is send a simple spreadsheet to you guys, and within 24hours, we have x number of slides, however many slides it is, it's all automated.

Adam: Great. And you've been working with the report automation team here at Indico Labs now for a while. It would be really interesting to hear a little bit about what it is you were looking for support with when you originally got in touch with us.

Ryan: Got it, yeah. A big part of what we do here is making the slides and the presentation, and we don't only want it to look nice, but we want it to look perfect. Matching, for example, colors with specific brands and there's just a lot that goes into it. And also from the statistical side. Our slides at Wolvereye are very unique, it's something that, you know, at least I haven't seen from any other company. And, so what we do here, there's just a lot of... well before we started automating it, there was a lot of man power that went into it. Changing bars to a certain color, and then in a given slide for example, we could have 100 different bars. And adding the statistical significance, and a lot of it is Excel work too.

So what we did is we automated all of it and all we have to do is send a simple spreadsheet to you guys, and within 24hours, we have x number of slides, however many slides it is, it's all automated.

It just saves us a lot of time, money and it's more accurate because there isn't as much human error. It just automates it, and there's just many things that technology can do better than humans today, and this definitely falls under that umbrella.

Adam: The time element is really, I mean we hear it a lot from our customers around the reasons they're coming to us in the first place is to save time, especially in a market where recruitment is difficult at the moment. I guess, for you as well, it's interesting to hear that you talk about it saving you money, but I guess that time element of it is really interesting for me. So before you were, before you started working with us , your team was manually producing all of these reports, and I've seen them - they're very detailed. I can't imagine moving those, because everything is ordered in a specific way and then colored in a specific way, that must have taken you hours before, compared to... how long does it take you now?

Ryan: Let's say that it took 10 hours, I mean I'm just throwing numbers out there, but let's say that it's 10 hours to do a number of slides. It probably saves us 8 hours, it might take us 2 hours now instead of that 10. It does save us a lot of time. And again, it's more accurate.

Adam: That's a pretty big jump, still. And on top of that, as you said, the accuracy part of it, there's no need to basically go through and double check everything. Which is often the forgotten, time consuming element of report production.

I guess, I mean this might be a difficult question to answer, but what would that mean for you at Wolvereye and your clients? What do you do with that additional time that you get back?

Ryan: There are a number of things that we do with it. Of course the big part of research is reporting the findings, but then there's also the question of what are you going to do with these findings? And in any given project, you could spend an infinite number of hours looking at different data cuts, and just really reading the data in different ways to understand what could be done. And now it allows our team to focus on that more. That is what is the most important thing to our clients is, ok, what are we going to do with this data now? How are we going to, in our area of psychological science, how are we going to motivate, persuade, influence people to do specific things? Or behave in specific ways?

In any given project, we could spend months just thinking about all the different ways to make the data come out in any given project actionable. And now we're able to spend more time doing that.

Aside from that of course, we're able to reach out to focus on more new business developments. For example, just keeping up with the new companies in any given space is just time consuming and I'm sure there's companies that do this better than we do, but at the end of the day, we're just trying to reach out to anybody and everybody who we feel that could possibly benefit from working with us and it's not always easy to stay on top of the market. So now, we have more time to focus on that. I wish we had more time to do that, but yeah, it does free up time to do many other things.

Adam: That's great. It's always the way, even though you can save loads of time you always wish that you had more. It's really good to hear. It sounds like it's giving you a lot of time back to focus on other meaningful parts of your business.

If you would like to find out more about the services offered by Wolvereye or contact Ryan, follow the links below:

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About Wolvereye:

‘Wolvereye is a global research organization that harnesses psychological science to understand why people think, feel, and behave the way they do.

Time-honored psychological science-based techniques combined with modern technology allow us to tap into the human psyche and understand the motivational factors driving people's behaviors.’

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