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Indico Labs exists to empower researchers with innovative data visualization software and services.

Founded in 2017 by Market Researchers fed up with repetitive PowerPoint tasks. Indico Labs is a data-visualisation and PowerPoint automation platform that enables researchers to easily and efficiently craft reports from tabulated data.

OUr mission

We started with a single mission: Automate PowerPoint report building

We know that researchers are trying to give their clients the most informed learnings from data, but a lot of their time simply goes to formatting or cutting and pasting. So we make products that automate the boring bits and maintain high data quality.

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Majeed Saheb-Zadha

“Save time and money, improve report quality, increase customer satisfaction—these are the main reasons to automate PowerPoint reports.

Majeed Saheb-Zadha
Majeed Saheb-Zadha
CEO at Indico Labs
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