Report Population Service

Outsource report population to Indico Labs.
Our team of charting experts will carefully populate the reports and deliver on time.

Our process

A simple, yet effective three step process

1. Send the documents

For each project, we require the following documents when ready:

  • An annotated PowerPoint shell

  • Final tables in Excel (not interim data)

2. Execution and QA

Work will commence as soon as we receive the two documents above. The turnaround time depends on the number of slides and complexity of the job.

3. Hand off

Indico returns the populated and quality checked deck ready for your commentary. As an estimate, the team can process 50 slides within 3 working days.

Why Indico Labs

Why use Report Population Service?

Save time

Quantitative analysts no longer need to waste time manually populating reports by copying and pasting data from Excel to PowerPoint.

Business Impact

Research and strategy teams can dedicate more time to deliver enhanced insights, stories and strategies that drive business impact.

Profit margins

Scale efficiently as and when needed, limiting the number of new hires. Produce reports in less time and at a lower cost, boosting project profit margins.

Happy clients

Reports delivered sooner, with enhanced insights, stories and strategies means happier clients that come back time and time again.

The Workflow

Incoming job email
Contact Indico Labs as early as possible about an incoming job and share estimated timelines for the project.
Kick-off call
Indico Labs will organize a kick-off call to discuss the process and confirm project details.
Report shell shared
Share the interim or final annotated report shell with Indico Labs and confirm when the data tables will be ready. Indico Labs will confirm the cost and timings.
Final data tables shared
Share the final data tables and Indico Labs will begin report population process.
Quality assurance
Once populated, Indico Labs will quality check the report to ensure accurate deliverables.
Populated report delivered
Indico Labs returns the populated and quality checked report.

What our customers say

Using Indico Labs and their very professional team we are able to send across a data file and receive an editable PowerPoint deck in the required template much faster than we could manually do. This allows the team to spend more time focusing on delivering actionable insights to the client rather than populating charts, as well as meet tight client deadlines without needing to compromise the quality of the story telling.

Aaron Roper, Senior Consultant

Working with Indico Labs gave us an opportunity to save time charting and spend more time delivering meaningful insights to the client. It allowed us to step back from the data to understand the stories that emerged, and also pleased a lot of the team who could spend more time thinking rather than formatting charts.

Working with Indico Labs has always been a delight and I'm looking forward to working closely in the future too!

Matt Davis, Senior Research Manager

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