Report Automation Service

Outsource report population to Indico Labs.
Our team of experts will automate the grunt work for you and deliver your report to your requirements.

Our process

A simple, yet effective three step process

1. Share your documents

For each project we require:

  • Your PowerPoint template
    or “shell”

  • Tabulated data (in Excel or any other format)

2. Data Mapping

We map the data to the charts, tables, and text boxes in the shell and conduct any complex automation such as replacing images or applying statistical analysis.

3. Automatic Updates

Once a report is automated the content within the report can be updated instantly, again and again.

Project Types

1. Tracker

Reports which track information over time. A “shell” of the report is refreshed/updated wave after wave.

Using the final report from a previous wave of the tracker, we create the custom code in preparation for the next wave.

When it comes to the next wave, reports will be updated instantly and returned back to you within 24 hours.

2. Multi-audience reports

Reports that are replicated to show the same information for different sample groups. Perfect for international, department or brand level data presentations.

Using 1 master report, we create custom code to generate the same report multiple times for different sample groups. We begin automating your report as soon as a draft is available.

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