Automate PowerPoint Generation

Give your users the ability to build and download custom PowerPoint reports

An illustration: JSON code populating PowerPoint template to make PowerPoint finished presentations

How it works

A powerful and flexible API that enables you to do almost anything with PowerPoint

1. Upload your template PowerPoint document

Upload data and visualize instantly. Automate the creation of charts to get to key insights faster.

2. Send an API request

Easily explore and visualize data using our vast range of customization tools.

3. Get your populated PowerPoint document

Download reports to any PowerPoint template to deliver on-brand data presentations.

Powerful and easy-to-use API

Designed for developers. Easily get started and integrate.

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Adding data to tables

An Illustration showcasing inserting data to tables functionality with a snippet of code.

Adding data to charts

An Illustration showcasing inserting data to charts functionality with a snippet of code.

Replacing placeholder pictures

An Illustration showcasing replacing placeholder images functionality with a snippet of code.

Editing text boxes

An Illustration showcasing editing text boxes functionality with a snippet of code.

Powerful and easy-to-use API

Designed for developers. Easily get started and integrate.

The power of PowerPoint Generator API

Automate PowerPoint document creation
Template driven, reusable and customisable
Design your templates in Powerpoint and stay on brand
Fill any PowerPoint objects from charts to text boxes with your data
Automate updating dates, project and client names across all slides with tagging
Continue working on completely editable and native PowerPoint presentations
Available at the click of a button, instantly and at a low cost

Why use Indico Labs


Fill chart shapes with your data. Populate any PowerPoint chart type and configure any chart properties.


Fill table shapes on your pre-styled template PPTX. Work with merged cells and configure all cell property types.


Insert images into your presentation programmatically. Using placeholder images or even insert images into table cells.


Insert your text into existing text boxes. Control all text attributes, at a ‘letter’ level.


Use powerful tagging to automate updating repeated information like; dates, customer names, project IDs across your whole presentation instantly.


Append letters and symbols to chart data labels to show significance or other analysis.


Use your pre-styled PowerPoint slides as templates for your programmatically created presentations. PowerPoint Generator API will maintain your styling.

Copy Slides

A slide can be copied and pasted to the same or a different PowerPoint presentation.


All data in transit is encrypted using TLS 1.2. All data is encrypted at rest. All of our web applications enforce the use of HTTPS.

Automate PowerPoint Generation

Create, fill and manage PowerPoint documents through simple API requests.

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