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Tableau to PowerPoint - instant PowerPoint download for Tableau dashboards


Streamline your reporting process and enhance data-driven presentations with our powerful API, enabling instant and effortless PowerPoint downloads directly from Tableau dashboards.

Seamless Integration.

Easily integrate your API into Tableau dashboards, enabling smooth data transfer and PowerPoint generation directly from the dashboard interface.

Instant PowerPoint Downloads.

Generate branded PowerPoint reports instantly with a single click, saving time and effort in manual data entry and report creation.

Customizable Templates.

Design and customize PowerPoint templates to align with your branding, allowing users to create consistent and visually appealing presentations.

Dynamic Data Population.

Populate PowerPoint reports with real-time data from Tableau dashboards, ensuring that the generated presentations always reflect the latest insights.

Editable Output.

Provide users with fully editable PowerPoint reports, empowering them to make modifications, add annotations, and further customize the presentations as needed.

Ditch the Frustration.

Say 'goodbye' to distorted images and slow downloads - experience seamless PowerPoint exports from Tableau dashboards.

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Take control of your integration process with our DIY option. Create an account, follow our user guide and Tableau to PowerPoint quick-start guide, and unlock the full potential of our API. Get started today and revolutionize your Tableau reporting experience.

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Choose our supported integration option for added peace of mind. Gain access to our team of experienced developers and join our supportive GitHub forum for expert guidance and assistance throughout the integration journey.

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Short on time or technical expertise? Our dedicated developers are here to handle the integration for you. Sit back, relax, and let us seamlessly integrate our API into your Tableau dashboards, so you can focus on what matters most: delivering impactful presentations.

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