Introducing SlideGen.

The next generation of PowerPoint automation platforms for Research Consultants.
Streamline the process of populating and refreshing PowerPoint reports.

Project types

Common use cases

International projects:

Set up your master report and populate with data for each market

Brand scorecards:

Create a detailed data scorecard for one brand and repeat for each competitor

Interim to final data: 

Populate a report based on interim data tables and refresh with a click

Automate appendix sections: 

Populate an appendix slide once and repeat for every question

Segmentation reports:

Populate a scorecard for one segment and repeat across audiences

Standardise custom reports

Create a slide library of common slide designs that can be used regularly

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What you can expect:

An in-depth expert discussion about your needs and goals.

A hands-on demonstration of how your data can be used to build interactive PowerPoints.

The opportunity to ask questions and understand whether Indico Labs is a good partner for you.

No commitment required.

What our beta testers are saying

"I really really LOVE the visuals for the stat testing. Kudos to you guys. That is a really nice design. It's clear enough without being overpowering, it's pleasing to look at."

Charles Lau,
Chief Research Officer

"I've looked at other stuff but this is the best one I've seen so far...I liked this program from the beginning."

Becca Carter,
Charting Manager

"This could be game-changing for all our analysts across the business. I know how much time it would save on our side - investing in a platform like this would be money well spent."

Richard Green,
Insight Manager

Save time

No need to waste time manually populating reports by copying and pasting data from Excel to PowerPoint.

Business Impact

Dedicate more time to deliver enhanced insights, stories and strategies that drive business impact.

Profit margins

Scale efficiently as and when needed. Produce reports in less time and at a lower cost, boosting project profit margins.

Happy clients

Reports delivered sooner, with enhanced insights, stories and strategies means happier clients that come back time and time again.