Data to
Report Automation

Unlock Your Time and Boost Your Efficiency:
Let Indico Labs Streamline Your Report Generation Process with Expert Automation Services

A simple three step process

1. Share your documents

Share your report template and data.

2. Data mapping

Our automation experts write code to automate report production.

3. Automatic updates

The report can be updated instantly, again and again.

Example Use Cases


Market Research Reports


Sales KPI Reports


Brand Trackers


Marketing KPI Reports


Regular Management Reports


Finance KPI Reports

Save time

No need to waste time manually populating reports by copying and pasting data from Excel to PowerPoint.

Business Impact

Dedicate more time to deliver enhanced insights, stories and strategies that drive business impact.

Profit margins

Scale efficiently as and when needed. Produce reports in less time and at a lower cost, boosting project profit margins.

Happy clients

Reports delivered sooner, with enhanced insights, stories and strategies means happier clients that come back time and time again.

"From an ROI point of view, it’s significant."

Tim Hoskins, President at Quester