How InCrowd partnered with Indico Labs

How InCrowd partnered with Indico Labs to automate the process of creating data driven PowerPoint reports.

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Project Overview


InCrowd provides the life sciences industry with real-time insights from highly targeted healthcare professionals, giving their clients a competitive edge. InCrowd’s market intelligence platform is used by 40 of the top 100 global pharma companies and has delivered 30 million answers.

The Challenge

Streamline the process of inserting data into reports.

InCrowd identified the process of creating data driven reports as an area where efficiencies could be found. Their existing process was manual, mundane and time consuming. InCrowd wanted to find a way to automate this process in a deliverable and scalable way to grow their business further. They needed a robust online reporting platform with API integration capabilities.


Deliver reports to clients faster and more efficiently

InCrowd set out to achieve the following core objectives:

  • Modernise the process of creating data driven reports 
  • Enable InCrowd users to interact with data in an easy-to-use user interface
  • Create highly customisable reports

The Solution:

Connecting systems via API to automate processes

Based on InCrowd’s needs, Indico Labs stood out from the sea of competition. It was clear to InCrowd that no other platform provided the functionality they needed to achieve their objectives, this included the:

  • Ability to send, retrieve and render data via API,
  • Use custom branded PowerPoint templates,
  • Export native PowerPoint objects,
  • Interact with data in an easy-to-use drag and drop interface,
  • Select from a range of chart types with granular chart settings

The Result:

Accelerated the production of data driven reports

Integrating with Indico Labs has helped InCrowd with their commitment to deliver quality insights to their clients faster and in the medium of their preference – PowerPoint. 

Will Chan
Data Engineer

"If you're looking for a way to get your data from your data warehouse into PowerPoint, this is your tool!".

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