Top PowerPoint Trends You Should be Aware of in 2020

From essential design principles and content choices to transition effects, discover the top PowerPoint trends you should be aware of this year...

March 18, 2024
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You don’t want your next PowerPoint presentation to look outdated, do you?

Keeping up with the latest PowerPoint trends can inspire you to create better presentations all-round.

From essential design principles and content choices to transition effects, discover the top PowerPoint trends you should be aware of this year.

The insights you gain will help you create modern, vibrant, and compelling presentations — and save time in the process, too!

1. Flat Design Promotes Minimalism

Less is more this year, not just in PowerPoint but for designs across apps and websites. The key characteristics of the minimalist trend in presentation design are:

  • Two-color designs.
  • Large, bold, uniform fonts.
  • 2/3 white space ratio compared to text (this means only 1/3 text per slide!).

In other words, you don’t want to load your slides with 3D effects, shadows, rich color palettes, or unnecessary visual elements.

Each slide should feature only content that is essential to it, which brings us to the next trend…

2. Visual Content Replaces Text

Visual content attracts attention, boosts engagement, and makes your presentation more memorable.

The emphasis on visual content has been a major trend on the web for a while now, and this year it will have a big impact on PowerPoint presentations as well.

Icons and images condense text into visual cues while infographics are replacing diagrams as more interesting representations of data.

Here are some tips that will help you to use this trend to your advantage:

  • Avoid large chunks of text—limit text to one or two lines per slide.
  • Replace text with images and icons.
  • Use charts, graphs, and infographics.

When you do have to add text, consider using the text to draw attention to key words.

3. Morphing Adds More Flavor to Transitions

With morphing, you can animate smooth movements between slides or elements on a slide.

Morphing transitions let you draw attention to your content and can bring into focus the right information at the right time. They are great for providing a smooth transition between visually heavy slides.

You can also use morphing to zoom in on different areas of the content. You can apply it to pictures, shapes, SmartArt graphics, and text.

4. Report Automation Saves Time

Report automation can speed up the process of creating charts. With so many office workers wasting hours on creating presentations, automation can be a major time saver.

You can turn boring reports into visually engaging presentations in no time using your preferred fonts, colors, and logos.

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