7 Reasons to Automate PowerPoint Reports

There’s more to using a report automation tool than saving time and money. Here are 7 other reasons to automate PowerPoint reports...

January 3, 2024
In this article, we're going to discuss:

Save time and money, improve report quality, increase customer satisfaction—these are the main reasons to automate PowerPoint reports.

But there’s more to using a report automation tool like SlideGen than that.

Let’s zoom in on these benefits so you can fully understand all of them.

1. Improve Employee Satisfaction

With SlideGen, your employees don’t have to spend hours copying and pasting data or fiddling around with data labels.

They can generate reports from data tables and customize the resulting presentation within minutes.

In a previous post, we noted how a study of over 1,000 employees who use PowerPoint to create reports found that 40% of their time is spent on formatting issues.

With report automation, you can put an end to that—and boost employee satisfaction.

2. Free Up Time for Other Revenue Generating Activities

What will your employees do with the free time report automation brings them?

You’ll like the answer: other revenue-generating activities.

Your employees can connect with clients they haven’t spoken to in a while, engage in marketing activities, strategize and plan.

All of these are valuable activities that can grow your business.

3. Spend More Time on Providing Valuable Insights to Your Clients

Report automation means researchers will spend less time on formatting and other repetitive tasks.

That frees up time which they can use to write insightful commentary on what the data actually means.

The result is a win-win—clients will get more value from the data while researchers will get to focus on what they’re best at.

4. Give Clients Something to Look at While They Wait

Customers are happier when they don’t have to wait.

With report automation, you can generate a branded top-line summary report with just a few clicks.

You can give this report to clients as a preview of the data while they are waiting for more in-depth reports.

5. Increase the Profitability of Reporting

Report generation in Market Research has always had a notoriously low profit margin. The length of time required to generate a meaningful report for a client can often overshadow the amount the client is paying for that part of the project.

Report automation reduces the employee hours that go into each report.

This means that you can generate more reports faster and with less effort, which inturn will increase profit margins.

6. Maintain a More Cohesive Brand Image

Whether it’s through human error or inconsistent formatting, ensuring consistency across manual reports isn’t easy.

We noted in a previous post that 70% of presentations don’t comply with corporate design guidelines.

Report automation makes it so much easier for your entire team to maintain consistent reports.

7. Help Your Team Better Organize Their Time

Report automation takes the pain out of updating reports. Your team can generate new reports at any time and put together last-minute reports with just as much ease.

That means they won’t be spending evenings at the office or weekends fretting about all of the reports they need to deliver next week.

Over to you

Switching to a report automation tool can be a quantum leap in business reporting.

But to reap all the rewards, you have to choose a tool designed to make the entire process easy for you.

SlideGen is a report automation tool that enables you to turn your data into branded reports in seconds.

Book a demo today to see it in action and fully understand all the benefits it can bring you.