5 PowerPoint Hacks That Will Save You Hours

It’s not uncommon for people to spend many hours fiddling around with PowerPoint reports to get them looking right. But you don’t have to...

February 24, 2022
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How long does it take you to create a PowerPoint presentation? A few hours?

It’s not uncommon for people across departments to spend many hours fiddling around with PowerPoint reports to get them looking right. But you don’t have to.

To help you save time, we’ve put together a list of essential PowerPoint time-saving hacks.

Read on to find out more!

1. Create Custom Layouts in Slide Master

Slide Master is a powerful feature that enables you to create custom layouts that are engaging and consistent.

Go to View, then Slide Master and scroll to the top Slide.

You can then play with all the different layout elements to your heart’s content.

In the past, we shared with you 10 tips for creating better PowerPoint layouts with Slide Master.

You can read part 1 here and part 2 here.

2. Automate Chart Generation and Export Directly to Your Layouts

Creating charts and integrating them into your layouts used to be time-consuming.

But with PPTX Builder, you can automate the generation of charts directly from your Excel tables.

You can maintain a consistent chart design with less hassle and export straight into your already existing layout.

Book a demo today to learn more about PPTX Builder’s intuitive PowerPoint automation tool.

3. Embed Your Fonts

Maintaining consistent fonts across slides and presentations helps you to hold onto the reader's attention.

However, problems may arise when you use fonts that other people may not have installed on their devices.

For example, Mac users have to install the popular Word font Calibri separately if they don’t have Word for Mac.

You can avoid this problem by embedding fonts into the presentation.

Go to File > Options > Save and tick the box for embedding fonts.

4. Auto-Space Multiple Objects

The brain likes symmetry. When your presentation content is well-organized, it becomes easier to process.

But then aligning each slide in turn can be a nightmare. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that.

With PowerPoint, you can ensure all the objects in the presentation are evenly spaced.

Click on an object and then hold Shift and select all the others. Click on Arrange > Align or Distribute and choose your preferred alignment.

Use Distribute Vertically or Horizontally to ensure all the objects are evenly spaced.

Bonus tip: Enable Gridlines and Guides to ensure that your content is well organized. Go to View and simply check the respective boxes.

5. Compress All Images at Once

Images can weigh down your presentation. But you don’t have to resize them manually before uploading them to your presentation.

You can compress all images at once to optimize document size without decreasing quality.

To do this, click on any image in your presentation and go to Picture Format.

Find the Compress Pictures option under Animations. Uncheck the box for Apply only to this picture.

You can then choose the resolution you need.

Over to you

There you have it—5 PowerPoint hacks that will save you hours.

Use them to take the hassle out of creating a PowerPoint presentation and focus on what really matters—the content.

Meanwhile don’t forget that PPTX can make creating an engaging report easier.

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