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Turn chart labels into logos, easily edit long answer codes & apply conditional formatting to your tables.

December 20, 2022
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We are giving away free access to our new PowerPoint Plugin for a limited time. In exchange, we are asking for feedback on existing functions and ideas for new features that would make your experience of working in PowerPoint far more enjoyable.

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We have 4 useful functions available for you to use today:

Text to Logos

Make your reports more engaging by converting chart labels and table text into logos or other images with the click of a button.

Chart labels to table:

Forget about constantly opening and closing the “Edit Data” pane. Easily edit long answer codes and take full control of your category axis by converting your chart labels to a table.

Conditional formatting:

Quickly generate heatmaps and apply conditional formatting throughout your report with this handy tool.

Copy sorting:

Take the category order from one chart and apply it to another. No more manual reordering of data!

What we are hoping for in return:

In return for saving you time and making report creation more enjoyable, we’d love to receive your ideas.

This not only includes any feedback you have about the existing functions, but we want to know what annoys you about PowerPoint right now.

What other tasks do you find yourself losing hours of time on each time you are working on a report?

Next time you’re working in PowerPoint and you find yourself getting frustrated, jot down some information about what it is you are doing and send the details to us. Who knows, we might add your idea as a new function.

No idea is too big or too small – all ideas are welcome.

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