NEWS: Data Tables and Other Brand-New Features

In addition to an even faster interface, our latest release comes with a whole bunch of brand-new features to help you automate your reporting...

March 18, 2024
In this article, we're going to discuss:

One of the benefits of providing a cloud-based solution for your reporting needs is that we can continually and rapidly make improvements to the platform without any annoying software updates.

In addition to an even faster, slicker user experience, our latest release comes with a whole bunch of brand-new features to help you automate your reporting:


Enhanced sorting and drag & drop:

With our enhanced sorting feature, users can now choose which column of data should be used to sort the values within the chart.

Not only that, but if you want to force the position of one or more options, you can simply drag and drop that option to reposition it.

No more pesky “None of the above” floating around in the middle of your chart!

Multiple data-breaks:

How often do you visualize your data at a “Total” level vs. one or more of your key demographics?

Within our new “Data Settings” section, users are able to select multiple columns of data to visualize for each chart.

Apply settings to all:

With our upgraded “Apply settings to…” feature, building custom branded reports has never been faster.

Users can now apply the selected settings to all or a range of charts at once.

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Data tables:

Users can now choose data tables from our range of 10 available visualization types.

Tables will be exported to your template, using your colors, fonts, logos etc.

Set default templates:

Users can now set their own default template to be used when downloading PowerPoint reports.

These can still be overwritten using the “Import template” feature available in “Layout Settings”.

Team access:

We can now set up user accounts in 2 ways – when a user saves a project, only they have access to it OR when a user saves a project, their whole team has access.

Great for sharing project access across a whole team.

We’re helping our users go from tabulated data to branded reports in just a few clicks.

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