IGD takes on automation

See how the IGD have used SlideGen to produce reports faster, and standardise their processes.

April 11, 2024
In this article, we're going to discuss:

 IGD takes on automation 

Take a look at how IGD used market research automation to empower their researchers to spend more time analysing, and found extra benefits with increased quality control and use of data sources previously wasted.

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 Breaking the cost/time equivalency 

Shortcuts without compromises

  • Analysts at IGD cut out repetitive copy & pasting when SlideGen enabled them to repeat slides and move on to more complex tasks

No data source unturned

  • Indico made it possible for previously unused data sources to be integrated, so learnings and outcomes were made on the broadest available knowledge

An aligned team

  • IGD defined their own templates, setting consistency and quality across the company

Everyone in market research is looking for efficiencies. You want to be spending time finding the whys, whats, hows and wheres within the data, rather than spending time copying & pasting

Rich Green, IGD


The Institute of Grocery Distribution research, report, and comment on trends across the  food and consumer goods industry.  They prioritise their social purpose to enact positive social, commercial, and personal change through their network and insights.

Analysts on Rich’s team work with new shopper/retailer data sets, watching for new trends. They have to work fast to produce impactful and digestible reports to stay ahead of the curve.

Working with large and complex reports, there are often overlaps in slide design and data. Rich needed a way to repeat data, without duplicating efforts.

Rich's three key goals

  1. Automate where possible: Spend more time analysing, and as little as possible formatting and copy & pasting.
  2. Empower Researchers: Find and tell compelling narratives. Enable them to add value, rather than simply being stuck formatting PowerPoint.
  3. Standardise the work: Define templates early and apply the data and analysis in SlideGen.

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Getting started

Rich was circumspect in adding new tools to his tech-stack. Aware that over-complicated processes might actually slow the work, he needed to make sure that any automation tools he chose would be easy to set up and manage day to day.

Getting set up

Using SlideGen Rich cut the legwork in analysing, and it was easy to get his team set up. He found it was easy to use without “all of the buttons and complications that sometimes get in the way with other platforms”.

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Getting running

Once the team were comfortable using SlideGen there were some unexpected data benefits too. Richhas been able to get value from previously unused data in an SPSS file that SlideGen is able to merge with the formatted tables usually used alone. Also, he highlights the quality benefits of standardising templates to make sure that everyone is following one way of working. 

"When you get into the data side of things the ability to repeat slides is a really strong feature. Where it’s a similar dataset you just need to update data across a couple of tables. You can do that in a few seconds."

Rich Green, IGD


IGD can turn out more detailed reports with all the data in the right place and analysts who are spending their time adding insightful commentary, not formatting slides.

“It’s a hell of a lot of time saved. Equivalent to an extra analyst over the whole year, and the quality of our outputs is better”

Rich Green, IGD