Automate Your PowerPoint Presentations

The truth is that, manually transforming a massive dataset into a coherent, effective and accurate presentation can be a slow, tedious and taxing job...

January 10, 2024
In this article, we're going to discuss:

The problem

We think you’ll agree that working with data is no piece of cake.

You plough through multiple datasets in search of a meaningful story.

You’re asked to create visually appealing presentations – and expected to get them done pronto.

Often, you’re the only pair of eyes on a project – and there are times when you lie awake at night, wondering whether an error could have snuck in to the presentation you delivered earlier that day.

Yes – working with data is an adventure full of unexpected nuances.

Which is why finding a quicker and less error-prone way to create beautiful PowerPoint presentations would be a game changer for you.

Luckily, SlideGen was brought to life – and we’ll tell you how it can help.

The challenge of data visualization

The experience of having to urgently whip up a visually appealing, accurate and meaningful presentation is very familiar to me.

A researcher in my ‘previous life’, I’ve had a fair share of the data game. Making a PowerPoint deck look good, while simultaneously attempting to weave into it a convincing story and not litter it with errors, isn’t easy.

The truth is that, manually transforming a massive dataset into a coherent, effective and accurate presentation can be a slow, tedious and taxing job.

You then spend hours (if not days) cross-referencing your data and correcting errors that have managed to sneak in along the way.

It isn’t the most efficient process – and it can eat up a large chunk of your time.

The solution

SlideGen provides the solution to the challenges modern-day PowerPoint wizards face.

A cloud-based platform, SlideGen allows you to create compelling PowerPoint decks directly from your data tables.

You upload your PowerPoint design rules, and the data points you want to include – and SlideGen does the job for you.

It’s quick and there’s no room for error, because this isn’t an outdated and fiddly ‘copy and paste’ job.

How SlideGen works

Creating visually appealing PowerPoint decks with SlideGen is simple - just follow these steps:

1. Upload your PowerPoint slide master. Upload a set design, with the branding that you or your client have approved. SlideGen will ensure that each slide is picture perfect and client ready.

2. Upload your data. Upload your tables, you can use several data sources. If we don't yet have a table reader for your data source, get in touch and we can set up a new reader.

3. Interact with your data. SlideGen gets going when you get to the data. Manpulate data in the app, use transformations and stats testing then simply apply to the slide.

4. Download your PowerPoint. Once you’ve selected your data intersections – hit download. Moments later, your presentation is ready to be shared with the world!

Benefits of SlideGen

Whether you’re a data analyst looking for a quicker way to capture insights, a PR professional looking to create an engaging story for your client, or a business owner keen to visualise your sales data - SlideGen is a tool for you. Here’s why.

1. It saves time. Turn large volumes of data into a beautiful presentation in moments. You won’t need to do it manually, so you will save tons of time.

2. It reduces the cost. Time is money, they say – and we couldn’t agree more. Less time spent on charting translates into lower project cost.

3. It increases data quality. No more inaccuracies that appear when you least expect them to. Your presentation is the dataset - just in a more concise and visually appealing format.

4. It’s simple to use. No coding, no scripts – there’s nothing fiddly about SlideGen. Just upload your dataset and choose the PointPoint design for that job or client.

5. Beautifully presented data. It’s your dataset - and your slide design. So you get to decide exactly how it should look. SlideGen will do the data visualisation – your way.

Now, you’re probably keen to see how SlideGen, aren’t you?

If you’d like to learn more about how SlideGen can help make life easier, fill in this quick form and we’ll be in touch soon.